Phoenix Williams

Phoenix Williams

My new Double A Single Blow Out and Everything's Good (2010) is now available to purchase EXCLUSIVELY at All money made from sales will contribute towards the completion of my new album.

For details on how you can receive a signed copy and also be credited on the album on completion, please email
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"These songs are a reflection of who i am and what i've experienced so far. I wish for you to hear them because if you love them as much as i do, then you will be feeling what i've felt, and my desire to connect with you through my songs will be a successful one"

Blow Out
This song is about keeping the faith!

Everything’s Good
Love is love!

Get To Me
This song is about finding the confidence to say to someone "get your coat love, you've pulled"...

On My Stereo
Keep the tunes coming!

Feel For You
This song is about playing cat and mouse!

Permanently In My Heart
This song is about following your hearts desire and giving it your best shot….

Times Up
When the damage is done you don't need your nose rubbing in it…..

Welcome To Run
Bye Then! Ever come to the conclusion that you’re better off on your own?

Lover Let Go
This song is about finding yourself in the right place at the wrong time...

The Moment I Let You Go
You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone…..

Back To Mine
The things i'm gonna do to you!…..

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